Peachtree City Golf Cart Information

The following is from the Peachtree City, GA website. We are posting this as we have seen quite a few Golf Cars (Carts) with expired decals. The fine for expired decals is much more expensive than renewing or obtaining a new decal. We try to alert our customers when we have their golf cars in for service, however we would like to remind everyone that we  to be sure your decal is indeed a white one and not an old yellow one! Also please note that you must alert the City Hall if you have sold or disposed of your golf cart, known as Ownership Release.  Thank you and stay safe!

NOTICE: All carts must have the new WHITE Peachtree City decals issued in 2011 (or current Tyrone decals) and have the correct owner information on file.  The white decals are valid until 2016.  Cart owners must register within 10 days of cart purchase and notify the City of any changes in ownership or owner contact information within 10 business days.

Golf Cart Registration formsNew Registration – Residential or BusinessChange of Address(required if you move from the address on your registration form)Ownership Release (required if selling cart to remove your name from legal responsibility for the cart, or if cart or decal is destroyed)

Ownership Transfer (required for purchasers of already registered carts – there is a $5 transfer fee)

Bring forms and any associated payment to City Hall, 151 Willowbend Road.  The forms of payment accepted are cash or check only.  Out-of-city cart owners are assessed an annual $60 path use fee in addition to the decal cost.

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